Ambulance Arrives At Harry And Meghan’s House Ahead Of Baby Birth

All the Royalists in Britain are losing their shit after an ambulance was spotted outside Harry and Meghan’s new Windsor home.

Meghan, ICYMI, is preggo and ready to burst any time now. So much so the bookies have slashed the odds of her having ‘Baby Sussex’ this week to 7/2.

Meghan, 37, and Harry, 34, recently upped sticks to Frogmore after a multimillion pound renovation.

US-born ex actress Meghan apparently wants a home birth with Harry by her side, instead of the big palava the world sees outside hospital. Don’t blame her tbh.

If she does go for a hospital delivery, the Kensington wing of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is thought to be a contender.

Any would be lucky to have this couple who let’s face it are the only acceptable Royals knocking about today. I say good luck to them.