Woman Hospitalised After Crying So Much During Avengers: Endgame

    Have you ever cried so much you’ve ended up in hospital? Have you ever cried so much at a film that you’ve ended up in hospital? Probably not cause most people aren’t weirdos.

    However one big one in China did just that! Yep, a 21-year-old student couldn’t stop herself from sobbing after watching the final Avengers movie Endgame.

    The crying was so uncontrollable she began to experience chest pain and muscle spasms.

    At a total loss, her friends took her off to an emergency room. Doctors allegedly fixed her up with an oxygen mask to counter the hyperventilation.

    Thankfully, the woman was later released from hospital right as rain.

    Some do that innit? Almost croaking it cause of some people playing dress up on camera. I guess we should be on look out when we go see Endgame as it really could be…………… endgame. #Woah