Cineworld Has Stopped Selling Tango Ice Blasts And People Are Fuming

Just when I thought The Last Jedi was the worst thing to happen in a cinema, Cineworld go and fucking ban Tango Ice Blasts AKA the only cinema drink AKA God tier drink overall.

Yep, it’s goodbye to the blasts and hello to Icee, some drink made by Vimto.

Credit where credit’s due, Vimto goes off but is it an improvement on Tango?

The banter merchants behind the Facebook page Keep Tango Ice Blast At Cineworld confirmed everyone’s worst nightmare, saying:

It turns out it’s something called Icee that is starting to replace Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld Cinemas and feedback is it’s not good!

Let’s fight to keep sipping on Tango Ice Blast at Cineworld, jump on their social media channels and let them know #BringBackTangoIceBlast!

What do you make of this? Sacrilege? Wanna go out and hit people at random? Burn down Cineworld? Let us know!