Katie Price’s Horrified Nanny Finds Mouldy Poo In Her Mansion

    Fucking hell there’s mouldy shite inside Katie Price’s big bastard mansion and no it’s NOT Peter Andre!

    You heard it right guys, poo, gone off, offer than poo already is, discovered right there in the glamour model’s digs. How mad’s that?

    In some show following Price around, she makes her younger nanny Lauryn Cooke pick up some mouldy old cat shite from its litter tray. ‘I can do sick, I can do bogies, blood, everything. Not poo – it’s not me’ Lauryn says, implying that some people picking up poo.


    She then tried to scoop the bab out using a bag to no avail. ‘Oh my god there’s mould on the poo!’ she says. ‘There’s mould on the poo!’

    Turns out cat poo, gone bad, is horrible. Lauryn on the other hand is not. I’d put her in a bag any day of the week! Wait, no.