Now You Can Stay In A Giant Potato That Has Been Converted Into An Airbnb

One for all the carb lovers out there. Ever wanted to stay INSIDE a potato?

Well, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel has got you covered. The potato has been touring around the US for 6 years before settling in Idaho and being transformed into a hotel.

It was used to promote Idaho’s potato produce around the states. Once they were done with that, they didn’t know what to do with it until tiny house developer Kristie Wolfe suggested turning it into a rental home.

Wolfe was with the potato for 2 years before converting it.

“I had the perfect lot, and someday I was going to get that potato and turn it into something cool,”

The place looks incredible inside.

It’s 28 feet long, 12 feet wide, 11.5 feet tall and 336 square feet.

Know anyone who’d love to stay here? It’s $200 a night, and located 25 miles southeast of Boise.