Picture Showing The Inside Of A Woman’s Breast Goes Viral

The human body is a miracle. Make no mistakes about that. And the female breast is one of life’s great wonders. Men and women worldwide fantasise about them every day. But what’s ACTUALLY inside one?

No matter what shape or size they are, women are embracing their breasts.

The Free The Nipple movement consumed social media a few years ago, and it doesn’t look like tit hysteria is about to end any time soon.

A picture has gone viral showing exactly what milk ducts look like inside, and it’s fair to see people are completely horrified.

Some thought the photo showed true beauty, with one user saying “why is everyone saying it’s gross? we have literal flowers on our titties that’s so cool.”

Others were less enthused by the revelation:

“This reminds me of those nail tip wheels they show you in the salon. This is deeply distressing.”

I mean, if looking at pictures of any part of the body without skin does anything other than unsettle you to the core, then you need your hard drive checking.