Primark Is Set To Trial Online Shopping For The First Time Ever

Primark is great. Bargains galore. The only problem is, you have to get off your couch to buy anything. This is 2019 and if I can’t buy it wearing my pants at 1am after a Netflix binge, then I’m not buying it.

Luckily, Primark seems to have seen the light.

According to reports, chief executive Paul Marchant has told bosses that it’s “on the horizon”. With experts saying it could be rolled out within the year, due to the sheer scale of Primark’s product range.

Financial experts, The Journal, have applauded the move, saying “Even when rolled out, a click-and-collect offering will only drive an incremental benefit for Primark.”

It comes at a time of huge expansion for the company, with their biggest ever store opening in the UK.

Birmingham is the location for the new megastore, and there are three restaurants in it. So you never have to leave.

It’s more than 160,000 square feet over five floors. So when they say it’s big, it’s completely ridiculous.

Think I’ll stay at home and wait for the online shop tbh.